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How To Style Floral Pants

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Hello darlings… How are you enjoying the Easter holidays? It’s so funny that my own holiday is just starting today because I still went to work yesterday. I hope you all have plans to turn up and celebrate the resurrection of Christ? If it’s involving food and fun and you stay on the mainland, please share location details Biko.


The weather in Lagos has been unpredictable lately as it would rain heavily on some days and then be so hot on some other days, The good thing is that when the weather is not exactly too cold, We can act like it’s spring like the people “In the Abroad” and then get to dress up/ slay in our spring outfits.


Florals is one essential piece when it’s spring as it’s very chic, versatile and fun. The good thing about florals especially floral pants is that it can be styled in so many ways. Despite the fact that florals can be styled in different ways, You need to be very careful when choosing what piece to style it with.


Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

I decided to style my floral pants with an oversized white shirt as I wanted to look simple but very chic. If you don’t want to Style your floral pants with a white or black shirt as the case may be, The best option is to wear a top that’s the same colour as one of the hues on the pants. In doing so, you don’t get to look very busy because when you pair the floral pants with a shirt that’s with prints or patterns it may leave you looking very funny and you know you don’t want to do that.



You can add glam accessories like a statement neckpiece and cute shoes. My white fenty pumas and mint sunglasses came through for me to look like a cool fashion kid Lol.

P.S I just tasted the orijin zero few weeks ago and I’m lowkey angry at myself that I judged the drink from afar without even tasting it. I guess it’s because their previous brand was bitters and trust Thonia to run away from anything that’s not sweet.

Whats are your thoughts on floral pants? How would you style it? I’ll love to hear from you in the comment section.

I wish you an amazing Easter and may the resurrection of Jesus Christ bring us so much happiness, peace and love. Don’t forget to show everyone love this holiday.

white shirt- Thrifted

Floral pants- Gift from le Aunty

sneakers- fenty puma

sunglasses- @thoniabankzstore on IG

18 thoughts on “How To Style Floral Pants

  1. Orijin Bitters over Orijin Zero abeggggiii 😪 Zero is trash to me. Anyways unto the outfit Spring has truly sprung; so so florals here and there. I love the fact that you stuck with white totally serving minimalist vibes 👌 👍

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