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Experiencing God’s Best/ 5 Things I’m Happy About


Hello darling!! How have you been?! I know I’ve been away from the blog for too long and I actually don’t know where to start from explaining why I’ve been away but I apologize and I’m here now so I guess we good.


I’m so excited to be sharing details about happiness and the reason is that these past weeks hasn’t been easy because of so many things that happened in my life. I have been unhappy, depressed and just wondering what my purpose on earth is.


I just thought to let you know that I’m not living the perfect life but one thing that has kept me going is a scripture from the Bible that states “In nothing be anxious; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God, which passeth all understanding shall guide your hearts and thoughts in Christ Jesus” Phil 4:6-7.


I wouldn’t say I’m in a perfect place right now but i’m glad that I’m not where I was yesterday and as each day passes, I’m choosing my happiness over everything. So I’ll be sharing 5 things that I’ve made me sooo excited these past few months.


  1. God: I know you’re wondering how someone is happy for God. Yes! I’m happy there’s one that would never leave me, judge me or forsake me. I can’t even begin to imagine a world without the existence of God. He has been the source of my strength and knowing I have one that wouldn’t do anything to hurt me and that everything that’s happening has a reason and purpose has been great.
  2. Shopthoniabankz: I have dropped hints on the blog about starting a business and I’m glad to finally announce that I recently opened an online store where I’ll be selling pieces off my wardrobe at discounted rates and also items that would be personally curated by me with love and style. P.S (The sunglasses i wore in this post is from the store) It’s been going great and you should show love by following (@shopthoniabankz) on Instagram and for being an amazing reader of the blog I’ll be giving discounts on your first purchase with the code “thoniabankzblog”. 
  3. My Job/ Appraisal Bonus: I know many people don’t know that although I’m a fashion/ lifestyle blogger and entrepreneur, I also work in a bank and  overtime we get rated for performance and how we have helped the bank reach its vision and target. I thank God my hardwork paid off and I got an A in my appraisal and guess what?! The appraisal came with a bonus!! Please don’t ask for your share because I don’t even know how the money finished (Covers face). I’ll also just briefly encourage you never to stop being great at what you do no matter the circumstances and even if no one acknowledges your hardwork and dedication, God would surely bless you and it would pay off.
  4. Desire1709 Brand Ambassador: I’ve always wondered how it felt to be an ambassador for a brand especially a fashion brand and to my greatest surprise it happened for me last month. I got involved in a competition and I won a styled photoshoot and became a brand ambassador for an amazing fashion store. I’ll be sure to share the pictures once I get it from the photographer.
  5. Whatsapp Christian group/ Youversion Bible: I came across a tweet on my timeline from an amazing blogger Ore on twitter about sending a DM if anyone was interested in joining a WhatsApp group of young people willing to know God, read scriptures daily from the Bible and generally be a better Christian . I was excited and sent a DM right away because one of my new year resolutions was to read the Bible everyday and to see a group of young people willing to bring people closer to God amazed me. I joined and it’s being great like really  great and it’s through this group I discovered the Youversion App and it has been of great help reading plans that has helped me in such a hard time. I’ll encourage everyone to download the Youversion app and you can add me “Thoniabankz”.

I just realized that despite not being in a perfect place right now, God has been faithful and I have a lot to be thankful for. I’ll really love to hear from you also what you are thankful for no matter how small you think it is.

I wish you an amazing day and week.

Off shoulder dress- @desire1709fashion

Skirt- Mr Price

Turban: @emiliesfashionhouse on IG

Sunglasses: @shopthoniabankz

Sneakers: Fenty by Puma

13 thoughts on “Experiencing God’s Best/ 5 Things I’m Happy About

  1. Your happiness is making me happy right now. I’m glad you’re able to find happiness it’s very Key! Congrats on all your achievements, the sky is your limit and you just inspired me to do a post saying things I’m thankful for. I find this post very inspiring and encouraging. More grace to you dear, much love from Tonye

    Ps. We need to hang out so you can rub this your cool vibe on me.


    1. Awww Tonye my darling thank you so much for the amazing words and support and I’m excited this post inspired you. I’ll be waiting for the link to the blog when you finally do a post on happiness. Pleaseeee we should hang out soon oh and talk about a lot of things!


  2. Girlllll! These pictures be popping real good. Thank God for your life. Happiness is key. Don’t let anything make you feel otherwise.


  3. This is a very heartwarming post. I can’t begin to put it in words! Thank God for the good things that are currently happening in your life and thank you so much for sharing them with us.

    Absolutely love your pictures! Where were they taken, please? Blessings to you and yours x

    Oréoluwa’s blog


  4. so inspiring.My happiness has been my priority lately and it has been of good help to me and the people around.

    P.S You cant help the people around you to be if you aint happy for yourself.


  5. I’m happy you chose happiness but very sadness. It’s best to toe that line. God is sill God and no man so it’s best you take your worries to him. It’s some how funny most times that I tend to read your blog because we use same theme. Nice outfit girl


  6. Wow your style is the best! Love all the good things going on for you; and yes, God is always the best. Can’t wait to keep up more with your blog! Please check out mine


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