Thonia Bankz X Desire1709fashion

Hello my darlings…. Happy new month!! I pray the new month brings genuine happiness, peace of mind and opportunities. I’m highkey excited because my birthday is just a month to go, Where are my July babies at?!. I wouldn’t mind if I start receiving gifts oh as per my birthday is July 8!!!! Be sure to DM me if you need my house or office address for delivery Lol.

In my last post here I mentioned that I was selected to be a brand ambassador for @desire1709fashion and I had a photo shoot with an amazing photographer @ellisoft and his team. We styled different  pieces that I’ll be sharing below;





I’m such a huge fan of florals and so when I discovered that I was going to be wearing a floral set for the shoot I was excited. I really love how versatile the piece is and how you can style it together or separately. The outfit can also be worn to different occasions with the right accessories.

I styled the set with green heels and I decided to use the belt as a choker (Everyone on set was surprised seeing that I used the belt as a choker) Lol.





The Steph set is another piece I love so much because of how chic it is and also because you can style the set together or separately. I got massive feedback that mint looks good on me and so I think I’ll try and get more pieces in the colour. I styled the piece with mules that I totally love.

I’m excited that I didn’t use any weaves for the shoot. I’m embracing my natural hair and loving the growth. I’m always in support of loving yourself the way you are and if any opportunity pops up I try to showcase it.

What are your thoughts on the two pieces? How would you have styled it?

You can purchase the pieces and more by visiting their website or follow on Instagram @desire1709fashion.

Have an amazing weekend darlings.

Outfit: @desire1709fashion

photography: @ellisoft


18 thoughts on “Thonia Bankz X Desire1709fashion

  1. You just dropped something hotttttt! Both looks are fire and I’m glad you got the opportunity to do this collaboration. Also, nothing could have suit both looks better than your natural fro. You go girllllll!


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