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Lagos Living: How to explore Lagos on a budget

Hello Darlings…Happy new month!!!! I guess you all know why I’m super excited, it’s because it’s my birth month and my birthday is in few days. I pray the new month brings you so much happiness and that you achieve all our goals before the end of the year.

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I’ve been asked everytime I post pictures on Instagram (@callmethonia) and snapchat (@callmethonia) questions about locations and a lot of questions. Everyone has practically tagged me a “Waka Waka” and If you’re Nigerian you already know what that means Lol. On so many occasions my relatives have called my mum to verify if I’m still in the country because they probably saw a picture of me in a location that doesn’t look Nigerian Lol.

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I won’t deny that I’ve not been exploring Lagos and if  you remember, being adventurous is stated in my bucket list as seen Here. I have really been adventurous in my city and despite how everyone complains of how expensive going to places in Lagos is, it doesn’t cost me so much to visit these places, create amazing memories and take beautiful pictures . So for the love I have for you, I’ll be sharing tips that would enable you explore Lagos and still have your account balance popping.

1. Choose your destinations wisely: It’s  very important that you choose where you are going very carefully. Remember you are on a budget and you really don’t want to go to a place that’s not all that and have to spend so much money and not have fun. What I and my friend do is that we thoroughly research wherever we plan to go to. We use the hashtag on Instagram and other sources. Also, it’s important that you choose a location that would enable you “kill two birds with a stone” as the popular proverb goes. If it’s a restaurant you’re exploring, find out if the  restaurant has like a gallery, shopping mall or even an environment to appreciate nature. You don’t want to go somewhere that’s just a restaurant and that’s it.

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When I visited Nok restaurant I was privileged to appreciate the artistic environment. I got to eat good food, appreciate Art and take pictures at the famous Alara wall. You see how I saved money and time from also visiting the art gallery?!

2. Have a friend or group of friends to explore the city with: I’m super grateful to have a friend like Uzo to create all this beautiful memories with and explore new places in Lagos. Having a friend to go to these places with would help you save cost because you get to split the cab fare, share food with and have a good laugh with.

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It’s also important to go with someone that understands you and has the same motive and interest like you. Uzo is also a blogger and so she understands how it’s very important to get the perfect picture for the blog and Instagram and did I mention that she takes the best pictures ever! She also never complains when I request for more pictures and snapchat videos (I love you my baby girl).

3. Take advantage of free attractions: When visiting a new place, ask questions and take advantage of free attractions the place has to offer. I have visited a particular place twice and didn’t know the place had a beach outside the restaurant and that’s because I didn’t ask questions or even try to appreciate the environment. It was not until my third visit with a friend that I realized that there was a beach.


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Chilling by the beach at Hard Rock Cafe helped me save money and time that I would have used to visit Elegushi or any other beach in Lagos. I made maximum use of what they offered and it didn’t come at a cost.

4. Yellow cabs/ Bus: Despite the fact that Uber has made moving around in Lagos very easy, if you really want to save cost you should consider taking yellow cabs or buses. Uzo and I work every week and are not free till weekends to try out new places. Most times, there’s always surge on Uber because it’s a weekend and everyone is trying to have fun and go out. We tend to use yellow cabs because it’s cheaper and you just get to have a whole new experience. A trip that would cost like N4000 when you use Uber can be priced to N2000 when using the yellow cab. I know yellow cabs can be really annoying and stressful but who cares when you are trying to save that Mula?!!

5. Google is your best friend: Google is bae because you have the opportunity to search for affordable places to visit in Lagos. You also get to see the price list and read reviews of people that have visited a particular place. It’s also important you check the place out to have an idea of how much it would cost to eat or go there. You don’t want to visit a place and be welcomed with a bill of N12,000 for just a bottle of water Lol.


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Also I’ll advise that you are very careful when it comes to googling a particular location and then calling any number you see. Uzo and I got defrauded when we visited GET arena because we visited on a public holiday and we were scared of having to deal with the crowd. So we called a mobile number we saw on their website  and the person requested we send the money for the Go karting because according to him the crowd was crazy and so we sent the money to avoid queuing for tickets. Getting there we found out that there was no one with that name working at GET arena. After calling my bank to place a restriction on the account, the manger was also super nice and allowed us to Go karting and just have fun. So to avoid being defrauded and the likes, just call to make enquiries and make sure payment is done at the venue.

6. Take advantage of events: Being a blogger has also helped me explore new places. I’ve been invited to events in very cool places and that would enable me appreciate the environment and try out new things.

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Processed with VSCO with m5 preset


I recently got invited by cantu for a brunch at renaissance hotel and I was so excited to attend the brunch and to also visit the place because I’ve always seen really beautiful pictures of the hotel. After the brunch, I made sure I took a tour of the place and took so many pictures and I can now finally tick it off from my list.

I hope I’ve been able to help you want to explore your city more and create so many beautiful memories.

I’ve also gotten requests to do a detailed post everytime I visit a particular place. If you also want a detailed post please share in the comment section. If you have more tips to share, please drop in the comment section and I’ll love to hear from you.

Have an amazing week and be sure to send my birthday gift to my house!

20 thoughts on “Lagos Living: How to explore Lagos on a budget

  1. Lagos people! I’m just crying because of my boring life. You really do have an eye for good places. You should start a ‘Waka Waka’ segment for people that are new to Lagos and would love to explore.

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  2. It’s so hard to believe these places are in Lagos… I’m thinking of which one to try first. Thanks for sharing and happy birthday in advance.


  3. Girl! I randomly saw this post from ‘discover’ and I don’t regret clicking it. Your first picture alone had me hooked. Can I just say your photos are freaking amazing? *runs to IG to follow* by the way your IG link is broken! I clicked on the icon and it said page not available, just a heads up. Anyway, this post has really inspired me to not just explore my city, but to go with someone who can take good photos. Your style is so lush, I love that your clear bag with white lining! This post is just awesome. You’ve also made me want to visit Lagos just to explore (eventually running back to my quiet love, Abuja lol) You Lagos bloggers are really making me jealous o *angrily googles top Abuja spots*


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