Dear Thonia,

Wow! I can’t believe you’re 24 now, Wasn’t it just a few years ago you turned 18 and you were so happy to be finally called a woman!.

I’m so happy that at 24 you’re already doing great things. I’m thankful to God for turning you to an amazing young woman and for all that you have achieved so far. I heard you finally faced your fears and started your business and despite how stressful that is, its going really well. It’s also a wonderful thing seeing how you’ve inspired people through your blog, work ethics and to see you featured on so many platforms and how you’ve also been involved in major collaborations with brands.

I know you’re not really where you want to be when it comes to your job, love and relationships, I know you thought by now you probably would have been married or the least be with the love of your life. I know you really don’t love your job despite how good the pay is. I bet you already realized that life doesn’t go as planned but above all that I’M REALLY PROUD OF YOU!See how you’ve grown to become a very beautiful, intelligent, smart and hardworking woman. Don’t let that stress of not finding the one make you take wrong decisions. Remember how mum keeps saying that whoever marries you would be a very lucky man? Yes she’s right! Use this time to grow spiritually, financially and physically. Apply to get a new job, pray and read your Bible everyday, go on adventures, be happy, take care of yourself and your body.

This new age comes with so much responsibilities especially with your job, business and blog. The country is also tough and things aren’t as easy as it used to be. Don’t ever give up even when things aren’t working out so fine. Keep pushing even when you don’t see a reason to because you never know who you’re inspiring. I see you’re going to have your first ever pop up sales next month and I would love to let you know that everything would turn out great and God got you always.

I love you so much Thonia and don’t forget to put God first in everything you do. Also remember that no matter the age and what’s going on, You’ll forever be a BABY GIRL.



I had one of the best birthday’s ever and guess what?! I ticked off something off my bucket list this weekend. I went to the spa and had the time of my life. I got inspired my Demi’s birthday post of writing a letter to yourself. It’s a very great technique of motivating yourself and if you don’t “gass yourself”, who will?!


Thank you so much for the amazing messages, calls and prayers. I’ve never felt so loved like I was yesterday. I had messages that made me cry. Thank you and I love you!

Have a blessed week.

20 thoughts on “HELLO 24: A LETTER TO MYSELF

  1. Babyyyyyyyyyyy I’m proud of ya! Happy birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy even tho it’s two days after, baby girls celebrate their birthday for a week 😊😊❤️


  2. Happy belated birthday! I found your blog post in the Fashion Google community. I absolutely love your outfit. I hope you reach all of your endeavors! You’ve got this! Keep staying positive and speaking out good things into existence as you uplift yourself!


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