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Hope: The Power Of Hope In One’s Life


Hello Darlings, How have you been and how has August been treating you?! I won’t say I’m having the best month but I also wouldn’t say it’s going badly. I have just been stressed from doing a lot of things from work to blogging to business and just trying to be great at it all.


I decided to do a post on hope because I’ve come to realize that most of us are going through life with not so much positivity and reassurance that everything would be fine and I really can’t blame anyone especially for those of us that live in Nigeria, The country and the events that keeps happening (Kidnapping, Corruption, Boko Haram and the likes) would even kill a little strand of hope in us.


Hope is an optimistic attitude of mind that is based on an expectation of positive outcomes related to events and circumstances in one’s life or world at large. A person that has hope lives a life full of possibilities, positivity and has constant peace of mind. When you have hope you will live a stress free life and just be happy regardless of the situation.


I won’t say I’ve been the best at handling situations that seemed tough with so much hope and positivity but the good thing is that I’m learning everyday to be optimistic even when everything seems to  be going wrong and just leave it to God to handle.If you follow my business page on Instagram (@shopthoniabankz), You’ll be aware of an event (Summer fiesta) that I attended as a vendor to sell items from my store.

I was so scared days before the event because I didn’t think I was going to make sales and it being my first time didn’t help with my confidence. I reached out to some of my amazing friends and they assured me everything was going to be great, Some even took time to call, pray for me and sent scriptures from the Bible to read that was going to help conquer fear (I have amazing friends like that). The event started by 12pm and by 2pm I had only made 2 sales and boom I was filled with all sorts of emotions from fear,anger and in all I was really negative that it wasn’t going to end well. I decided to cool off and say a little prayer, fill my mind with positive thoughts and guess what happened hours later?! Customers started coming to my stand and it being my first time as a vendor sales went well.

Hope is a very powerful tool we all need because with it even in the midst of chaos you are chilled. It also enables you heal from a situation because you have that assurance that the future is definitely going to be better.


Jumia sent me a voucher to buy items from their website and while I was on the fashion page for women, I saw this T shirt on sale and I knew I had to buy it because everyone needs a reminder to “Stay Hopeful”.

What are your thoughts on hope? Has it helped you in any situation in life? Kindly drop your comments as you know that I love to hear from you. Have an amazing week.

T. Shirt-

Skirt- Thrifted


6 thoughts on “Hope: The Power Of Hope In One’s Life

  1. Am really blessed by you post about staying hopeful. Keep up the good work babe. Please can you send me the link in which you ordered your sneakers from jumia site.
    Thank you.


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