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Miami Vice: What To Wear To a Miami Themed Party

Hey guys!!! How are you doing?! Hope you’re having a great week and are ready for September?! I think this month was pretty slow and it felt like it wasn’t going to end but thank God it’s the last day of the month and I’m super excited for September.


I was invited to fashion finest Africa “Renaissance” and it’s a fashion show that  features young designers on the runway and also an interactive session on the various areas of the fashion industry. I was excited to be invited for the show until I realized the show had a theme that all guests were to come dressed in and it was tagged “Miami Vice”.


I got confused thinking what “Miami Vice” was until I had to google and also ask my friends in fashion. Miami is a major port city on the Atlantic coast of South Florida in the Southeastern United States. Miami is one of the worlds most popular vacation spots because of South beach.


Miami is known for its Latino influence when it comes to music and culture. Fashion, being a huge part of the city’s culture has also been influenced by the Latino population.


The influence of fashion in Miami is seen in the popular 80’s crime drama “Miami Vice”. The clothes worn in the drama series had a significant influence on men and women in fashion. The series had major scenes on the beach and that’s the major reason why most of the women were seen in shorts and beach wear.

So when you are invited to a Miami Vice themed party, think tropical, bright colours, swimming pool casual, sneakers, slippers etc.


I attended the event on Sunday and as soon as I understood the theme, I decided  to wear a floral top with a blue frayed hem shorts. I completed the look with Adidas sneakers and bag. I love the floral top so much because of the details on the sleeves and I think I did justice with the theme.

If you aren’t comfortable wearing shorts, You can wear a playsuit, kimono and anything that can be worn to the beach.

Have you been to a Miami themed party? What did you wear and how was the experience? Kindly share in the comment section as I’ll love to hear from you.

Top- @desire1709 on IG

shorts- Thrifted

Sunglasses- @shopthoniabankz

snekers and bag- @jumiafashion

13 thoughts on “Miami Vice: What To Wear To a Miami Themed Party

  1. You did a great job styling for the theme! I would have been confused too lol.
    Love everything about this outfit baby girl


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