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How to Drape Your Blazers Over Your Shoulders

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Hello guys….No that didn’t sound so good. Hello my darlings!!!!(Yes this is it), How have you been and how’s the month of October treating you?! I’m having a very  good month with so much work to do and guess what?! It’s my only sisters birthday today!! Happy birthday Fumfum, I wish you so much happiness and that your heart desires are granted.

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I know many of us have seen celebrities, style bloggers and even our friends drape their blazers over their shoulders and wonder how they effortlessly rock this look or how come the blazers never fall off their shoulders.


I really love this trend because it makes your outfit look richer and it’s also easy to take off and put on depending on the weather. I’ll be sharing with you a few tips on how to drape your blazers over your shoulders;

  • Since your shoulders are occupied, it’s advisable you switch your hand bag or shoulder bag with a clutch or with a cross body bag, While draping your blazers over your shoulders.
  • When you layer your blazers over your shoulders, be sure to make your outfit very interesting and don’t be afraid to mix patterns or flash colors. I’m wearing a floral shirt dress and I paired it with a red blazers and white sneakers.
  • I won’t lie to you that it’s an easy trend to pull off because if you’re not careful, you’ll end up adjusting the blazers so it doesn’t slip for the entire day. Make sure the fabrics of both the blazers and top aren’t the same because that can be a major buzz killer for this trend. Imagine if you decide to drape a blazers over a silk blouse?.
  • The length of your blazers is extremely important if you want to pull off this trend. Over sized blazers tend to stay over the shoulders for a longer time than blazers that are fitted but if you want to pair an over sized blazers, make sure the dress, skirt, shorts you’re wearing is fitted so that you don’t end up looking funny and not smart.
  • Complete the look with a clutch bag or purse because you really don’t want to carry a bag that’ll require hanging or carrying
  • One of my favorite thing about this trend is the fact that you can reuse your old blazers and it will still pop. I’m currently wearing one of my mums old blazers and you can see that it’s not quite noticeable that it belongs to my mum and that it’s old . I’m all for affordable fashion and this is one trend you should try if you don’t want to be bothered about getting any new clothes or on days when you don’t seem to find what to wear.



This trend is very chic and easy to pull off. Lagos Fashion week is fast approaching and you could totally rock this trend and make a statement.

Have you tried this trend? What’s your favorite thing about it? I’ll really love to hear from you and so kindly share your views and comment in the comment section.

Have an amazing week darlings.

Blazers- Mums

Dress- Gift

Sneakers- Jumia

Bag- Yaba


4 thoughts on “How to Drape Your Blazers Over Your Shoulders

  1. Now I know the secret to my blazers not falling off. I’ve also seen blazers made this way but this time you actually have it on, so there’s no way it can fall off. I hope to get my hands on one of those. But in the main time I say yess to draping oversized blazers! By the way you look really cute 😍


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