Personal Style: Day 3 of LFDW2017


Hello guys….I firstly want to appreciate everyone who takes their time to read the blog and drop comments, You’re amazing and I love you. You might be surprised I’m doing an outfit review of day 2 before day 3, Well due to some reasons I couldn’t attend day 2 of Lagos fashion week but I’m sure they noticed my absence (Just kidding).


When I realized that the beret trend was back I was really excited because the last time I got to wear a beret was in secondary school and there hasn’t been an opportunity since then to rock one. I also decided to go with a pink beret to lend my voice and support breast cancer awareness. October is breast awareness month and I think its only right to support the fighters, admire the survivors and honor the taken. You ladies are not fighting this battle alone, We support and admire you.


I had the opportunity to choose from a variety of really beautiful T shirts from (style avenue) and when I saw this particular shirt I’m wearing, I knew I had to take it because the words “21st century man” spoke to me and I had to do it for my fellow feminists because I’m a great solicitor of gender equality and a woman should be given the same rights as a man and should be allowed to do and wear whatever she’s happy in. Many people kept asking why my shirt says 21st century man and not woman and trust me to lecture them. I paired the shirt with an high waisted  pants.


I’m also excited for the come back of the fanny pack and that’s because it brings back really beautiful memories of my 3  weeks in NYSC camp and really after those 3 weeks no one had the opportunity to carry theirs but guess who had to carry one again?!Mee! It felt so good and I realized I carried it the same way I did all through camp Lol.


This look is easy to pull off and you can switch up the look by switching shoes, wearing the right accessories and depending on the event remove the beret.


Lagos fashion and design week is over but I’ll still share my personal style for day 4 and honest review of the show and also tips on attending the show for a first timer like me.

What are  your thoughts on the comeback of the beret and fanny pack? Kindly drop your comments as I always love to hear from you.

Shirt- style avenue on Instagram

Pants and fanny pack- Thrifted

Shoes- zaful

Sunglasses- shopthoniabankz

Beret- gift

Have an amazing week.



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