Lagos Fashion And Design Week 2017: What I Wore For Day 4 And My Favorite Designers


Hello guys…. How have you been? I hope your week wasn’t stressful and you’re ready to atleast have fun this weekend. This post is supposed to have been up since last week as fashion week ended on 28th of October but because of work and so many other things I’ve not been opportuned to publish the post but I’m here now so I guess it’s fine.


Lagos Fashion and Design Week 2017 was amazing and despite the whole stress that came with it I miss everything….dressing up, waiting for Uzo to pick me up with an uber, posing for pictures from different angles and even doing interviews.


I decided to wear a denim jacket and paired it with a pleated slit skirt and white sneakers. I’ve always wanted to wear Denim that wasn’t so regular and so when the good people at @desire1709fashion sent me this denim jacket I was so excited and I knew I wasn’t going to wear it normally rather I wore it to have that off-shoulder effect and I guess I nailed the look.


Wearing denim is one trend I don’t see leaving anytime soon and so it’s a safe trend to pull off and the great thing about this trend is that you can style it anyway and wear it to any occasion with the right accessories. I wanted the street style feel and that’s why I paired mine with sneakers and a tote bag that I’m a little obsessed with from @jumiafashion.


This was my first time attending and it was great and super organized with a great venue and all designers brought their A game and the organizers kept to time and I made a few friends which I think is one of the reasons of attending the show asides seeing great designs. Below are a few of my favorites and it was so hard to choose because I loved all of them.

IMG_6894 EjiroamostafiriX StyletempleXTiti Belo

IMG_6896Style Temple

IMG_6892Christie Brown

IMG_6890Gert Johan Coetzee 

IMG_6889Lisa Folawiyo

IMG_6899 Tsemanye Binite

IMG_6900Mo Agusto


IMG_6903Maki Oh


IMG_6905 Ugo Monye

I’m so proud of all the designers and I can’t even begin to imagine the hardwork and sleepless nights they had just to bring their designs to life. I’m glad I could make it to the show this year and experience this amazing showcase of beauty. I also loved that we didn’t imitate the westerners as I could see the infusion of African beauty and heritage in almost all designs.

Who were your favorite designers, will you rock denim to a fashion show? Kindly drop your comments as you know I always love to hear from you. Have an amazing week.

Denim- @desire1709fashion

Glasses: @shopthoniabankz

sneakers and bag: @jumiafashion

skirt: @mrprice


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