10 Tips For Effective Networking At Events

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Hello darlings…How have you been and I hope your week is going great?! I’m so glad I finally get to talk about how to network at events on the blog because it’s major key and it has helped me form solid friendships and seal deals in both blogging and my business.

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As a blogger or influencer you get invited to events and that’s a great avenue to network. I’ve been attending events just for the fun of it not until this year I began to attend this events with a purpose of networking and meeting like minded people. Networking at events may not be easy especially for introverts but they’re a necessary part of life.

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Networking comes with so much benefits but few of us plan ahead and think about how to make the most of the opportunity, So I’ll be sharing 10 tips that would help you network effectively at your next event and help you form bonds that are essential to your career;

  1. Have a purpose: People attend events for different reasons including finding a job, meeting potential clients for their business or for the sole purpose of socializing. It’s best to know why you’re attending and what you’re hoping to achieve before going.
  2. Research key attendees before the event: If you intend to meet anyone attending the event lets say you want to venture into fashion designing and you intend to meet Lisa Folawiyo, Its advisable to do a research on her, her collections and when she started and a few important things about her before starting that conversation.
  3. Introduce yourself: I know this is very hard and I have also gone to events before where I just sat down waiting for people to talk to me first but that didn’t help. You can set a goal before attending to introduce yourself to atleast 5 people.
  4. Be a listener: When you meet people at the event, Ask questions and then listen to them and even make a mental note to remember all they said.
  5. Bring business cards: I really cannot over emphasize the importance of a business card. If you’re attending the event it’s advisable to take along your business card because not everyone you intend to network with would have even 5 minutes to have a conversation with you and you could just introduce yourself and give them your business card for follow up.
  6. Prepare your elevator speech: I don’t think there’s anything worse than being asked “what do you do?” and you’re blank. It’s advisable to come up with a few sentences you can use to accurately describe yourself or your business.
  7. Don’t be a pusher: Don’t attend events and just force people to follow your blog or buy your products. You can brief them what you do and possibly give them your blog URL but don’t overstress it or push it so hard.
  8. Focus on achieving your goals: It’s so important to engage with people that you’ll have meaningful conversations with and that would help you take your career and business to a new level. I can tell you that you can really get distracted at events and you’ll find yourself trying to get pictures with a musician you have a crush on than with an editor or designer that would help your career.
  9. Take notes: I usually take journals to events because you really can’t tell if whoever you’re trying to network with is going to give you an information that’s really important. I remember I attended an event that Toke Makinwa was the key speaker and I had the opportunity to talk to her and I asked her a few questions and guess what, She asked me to send an email to someone and imagine I just went there unprepared.
  10. Follow up: You have to follow up within 72 hours after the event. It’s very important because trust me some people forget what they promised and the conversation they had with people at an event they attended. Send a follow up email or call when asked to.

Life is too short and you really need to start attending events with a purpose and plan. I have met amazing people that have been a major influence to my blog and business at events and social media.

I’m also using this medium to announce that I’ve collaborated with the guys at style avenue and we’re going to have a shopping party in Lagos in December. I’ll be sharing details soon on the event but right now we’re in need of sponsors and media partners. You can email me if you want to be a media partner or sponsor on

Have a great day and don’t forget to have a purpose and plan before attending that event. Ciao!

13 thoughts on “10 Tips For Effective Networking At Events

  1. Nice write up Thonia. The 10 tips you mentioned are very vital.
    I always have a purpose going for an event….. Introducing myself to some1 errrr I’ll try and work on that lol…. Am always with a notepad & a pen.
    Thank you for the other tips.


  2. Thank you for this Thonia, J’adore I need to leave my shell when it comes to networking I might need someone to walk me through it physically.


    1. It’s not easy but you need to take it one step at a time and trust me the greatest business deals and collaborations have been made at events. You can start with just saying hello and introducing yourself. Just try or even say it to yourself by standing in front of the mirror before leaving home. Little by little and you’ll definitely be great. If you need help further you can DM me and we would discuss in details


  3. Its sad that I’ve still not attended any networking event, sigh.. I used to blame in on school but now I’m done and i hope to make the most of events, Abuja is not helping also, all the goodies are in Lagos


    1. Girl, you actually don’t need events to network and that’s where social media comes in place. Also I know Abuja bloggers that attend major events o. Maybe use the hashtag #abujabloggers and follow them and network

      Liked by 1 person

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