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Hello 2018: Life Lately


Hello darlings…. I can’t believe I have been away from the blog for like a month, I got involved in so many projects, got more jobs and blogging became hard. I’m sorry for leaving this space and I’m super excited because this year we are going to do more collaborations, More inspiring posts and reviews. I decided to begin the year with a “Life Lately” post because it gives you more insight on what I have been up to. So let’s do this!!


  • Thankful: I’m thankful for life, Good health and growth. I’m also grateful to God because I achieved so much last year. I started my online accessory store, I organized a successful shopping party, I was moved to a better unit at work and I got extra sources of income. God came through for me every time and he made me meet the most amazing people(My DBE family).
  • Admiring: Its so great that many young people are doing amazing things from starting their businesses to creating quality content and doing great in their career. I’m friends with so many of them and every time I’m around them its just positivity.
  • Feeling: I’ve never been so happy as I am right now. I’m filled with praise, gratitude and love. I’m hopeful that the new year will be better than last year and that all the goals we set this year get accomplished.
  • Craving: I’m currently not feeling to well at the moment and my appetite level is low but in all having pizza and ice cream will do.
  • Anticipating: All the goals and projects I intend to accomplish this year.
  • Planning: I really have something planned but I will definitely share when it’s almost finalized.
  • Wishing: During consultation with my doctor, She confirmed that the reason I’m currently not feeling too good is because I’m stressed and didn’t get to rest well. So hopefully this year I go on a vacation or get away.


Happy new year guys and I hope you have set your goals for the year. I pray you achieve all your goals and may your heart desires be granted.


Have an amazing year and feel free to Tell me what you’re thankful for in the comment section as I always love to hear from you.

Top and pants- Thrifted

Sunglasses- @shopthoniabankz on IG


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