How To Host A Successful Shopping Party


Hello guys….. How did your week go? I had the coolest week and one major highlight of my week is how Lagos is free from the constant traffic and struggle, I have spent less time in traffic and I’m lowkey wishing it stays like this for a very long time (Y’all that travelled please stay where you are *inserts side eye emoji).


If you visit the blog regularly and if you also follow me on Instagram then you probably know that I planned and hosted a shopping party in collaboration with styleavenue in December 2017. It was my first time hosting a shopping party and when I put a poll on my insta story a larger percentage agreed I should do a post on the basics of hosting one.


Hosting a party can be really stressful and you will constantly find yourself in doubt by asking so many questions like “will people show up”, ” how will I get a venue”, “will they have fun”, This and many more questions will come to mind and so to make this post really interesting and detailed I’ll talk about the major factors you should consider when planning a shopping party and how you don’t get to go broke while planning one.


  • Venue: The most important thing when hosting a shopping party is having a venue and getting a very comfortable and accessible venue can be really expensive especially in Lagos. I want to mention that the venue for the shopping party was given to my team for free?! Yes! I’ll share more details about that in the sponsorship aspect. Its advisable to get a venue that’s aesthetically pleasing because trust me if the venue isn’t nice, People will not post pictures or mention they attended the event and that isn’t good for publicity or future references.
  • Have a vision and define the party: As all individuals and companies have their various visions and work effectively to achieve them, It is very important to have a clear vision of what you want the party to be like. Defining the party helps you figure out the type of party you want and the level of success you want to attain. I also want to state that the possibility of hosting a successful party without a clear vision is almost impossible because you will end up not having a direction and that can lead to confusion. Have a vision and also have  doable steps on how to achieve the goals and vision you have set.
  • Activities: The activities that you include will determine if people will have fun or be bored. I always wanted something different from the regular shop and go but rather I wanted young people to network, paint, eat, have so much fun and broaden their knowledge in topics like branding, photography, fashion and other important topics by learning from experts in that field. The activities of that day is a major motivating factor of attending the event because if the activities are boring a larger percentage will not attend. You could get a photo boot or a paint session like we did and think of other activities or invite people that’ll encourage people to attend.
  •    Sponsorship: This is a major aspect you need to consider when planing a shopping party because if you decide that you want to work alone and use your income, you will be amazed at how much money you will spend. I’m so grateful to all the brands that sponsored the event and I will also like to point out the importance of social media because it has made it really easy to approach brands and individuals that will help you in one way or the other. I’ll also like to state that getting sponsors can be really difficult and a lot of brands turned us down but the most important thing to note is the concept of having a great proposal and also to be detailed with the idea of collaboration. You need to draft a great proposal that when the brands read it, they will be left with no choice than to work with you and your vision. I also want to advise you not to undersell your event in the proposal, be very professional even if the brand owner is your friend and don’t be scared to approach bigger brands you think will not sponsor because you will be amazed that they will love your ideas and want to work with you. Always send emails and follow up with a phone call rather than send Dms or private chats.
  • Let the invitation fit the party: I’m a paper type of girl and that’s why you will mostly see me jot things in my journal rather than type or save stuffs on my phone but I’m aware that most people practically live on their phone and its the 21st century so having an e-vite is perfect. We made ours fun by creating a link where people just click and register their names and emails. Its easier for follow up reasons as you can send them a  reminder few days to the event and for we the organizers it helped us have a data base of people attending. Let your invite be catchy, fun and let it fit the party.
  • Keep to time: I have seen parties that were meant to be a huge success flop because the organizers didn’t keep to time. I know its hard keeping to time especially in Nigeria where everyone has the mentality that an event slated for 1pm will start by 2.30pm. Let the party start early and be sure to keep to time.
  • Profit: This is a major aspect because the major reason you’re hosting a shopping party is to generate income, I’ll love to point to the fact that its totally okay if the party doesn’t yield any income especially if its your first edition and you intend to organize the event on a monthly or yearly basis because just like so many businesses, The first year is usually a trial and error phase and you might even spend more than the expected income. Please don’t feel bad if the party doesn’t generate income rather note the errors and mistakes made and work on them for the next edition. One major way to yield income from a shopping party is have a stipulated amount that vendors pay before they can be given a stand to sell their items. Also, if you have really unique activities or an invited guest that’s a super star, you could have people pay to meet them. There are also so many ways you and your team could think of generating income.


I’ll conclude this post by advising that you get the best host or hype man for the event because a host can help encourage people to shop and also help shy people out by introducing them to other people at the event.


I also want to appreciate the amazing guys at styleavenue for the collaboration and all the sponsors like petit Paris cafe, Wilson’s lemonade, bolde feet, wara cakes and a whole lot of brands.

Did you find this post helpful? Should I regularly share major lifestyle tips every Saturday on the blog? Kindly share in the comment section as I always love to hear from you. Have an amazing weekend and don’t forget to subscribe.

5 thoughts on “How To Host A Successful Shopping Party

  1. Hey thonia ,A good blog post but also good spending publicity matters ……if there is no good publicity spenders you won’t have enough buyers for all the vendors ….Yet in some cases ,you have slot of crowd and yet not all are there to shop ,but when people see things are really affordable and they won’t get it for that price again ,they will be encouraged to shop …Also ,you need to also have vendors that will also sell at a good price so they won’t end up blaming you for not making sales


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