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Minimalist Fashion: How To Style T shirt and Jeans


Hello guys…How have you been? I hope you’re having a great week and are ready to turn up this weekend. I remember in my last post I talked about how Lagos roads were so free without traffic and I think I got excited too early because right now Lagos is back to being Lagos with constant traffic and struggle.


I know the saying  “Less is more” may sound cliché, but its cliché for a reason. When we style basic pieces like a T shirt and Jeans in a simple way it may have a more lasting impact than even the loudest pieces. Its also very important to note that minimalism goes beyond colour pallets and you can infuse minimalism with the pieces you put together.


Its so funny that I’m actually not a jeans and T shirt type of girl because you’ll most likely see me in a dress but its a new year and part of the plan is to leave my comfort zone and try out new things especially in fashion. I decided to style the minimalist shirt on this post because it makes talking about minimalism easier because by just seeing the inscription on the shirt, You already have an idea of what the blog post is all about.


I paired the T shirt with an high waisted jeans and I completed the look with a cabbie hat which was one major trend in 2017. One of the most important thing about minimalism is how you can style the pieces together and independently with other pieces you have in your wardrobe thereby allowing you to save and helps you create other looks.


You can never go wrong styling a T shirt and jeans and I love how you can attend any event and still slay in them. You can attend a brunch, hang out with friends and even attend a casual business meeting by completing the look with a pair of blazers and minimal accessories. There are no rules restricting you on how you can style a T shirt and jeans and whichever way you decide to style it, you’re good to go.


How will you style this look? I’ll love to hear from you so drop your comments in the comment section. Have an amazing weekend.

Photography- @muyigram

Shirt – @shopnandra

Sunglasses -@shopthoniabankz on IG

Shoes and jeans-  Thrifted.

4 thoughts on “Minimalist Fashion: How To Style T shirt and Jeans

  1. I love your style! These outfits are pretty simple and it’s one of my favorites. Jeans and T-shirt has becoming the choice of every girl. For modern style it is the best combination. Thanks for sharing.


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