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How To Have Multiple Sources Of Income In 2018



Hello guys….How have you been and hope your week is going as planned. One of my friends just made me realize that I have a constant way of starting a new post on the blog and even when I send voice notes I start the same way. So I’m taking suggestions on how to introduce a blog post.

I finally decided to do this post after I’ve declined so many times in my mind because I’m still learning but I later realized I have so much to share especially being that I currently have 3 paying jobs alongside my 9-5 job that also pays my bills. 

It got to a point in my life when I realized that my salary wasn’t enough and that I was going to struggle feeding and paying my bills if I lost my job. The fear got to me one day to the extent that I started crying because they sacked a few people at work for not performing well and at that point my account balance wasn’t even more than 50,000. So imagine being able to afford a lot of things because of your salary and suddenly not being able to afford them because you lost your job.


I know many people don’t have the courage to start something because they’re like “Where’s the time or energy to have a part-time job when I work 9-5 everyday”. I’m here to tell you that thanks to technology and social media, You actually don’t need to be physically present at most jobs that’ll pay. A lot of jobs just require an internet enabled phone or laptop, Even if you’ll need to be there you can go weekends.

Find below a few ways you can earn more income this year and have your account popping;

  • Try affiliate marketing and make sales: I found out about this last year and its suitable for people with websites and blogs. You could sign up to promote certain products and services on your blog or site for a fee for which you will be paid a fee or percentage of the amount once the sale is completed. Jumia and Konga offer this services and you could sign up on their site and have them showcase items they sell on your blog and when people visit your blog they see an advert page of the items and once they click it and purchase the item you get credited. You could also do a blog post on let’s say for example how to style white sneakers and as you talk about it you could put links of different sneakers available on jumia. When people click the link it redirects them to jumia and as soon as they place and order and check out then guess who’s account is going to be credited too? You.
  • Sell your own products on the internet: Instead of leaving that shoe or bag or dress that you no longer wear to spoil at home, You could sell it and make money. I created a page on Instagram where I sold off items from my wardrobe and I was shocked when people started placing orders. If you think opening an Instagram page wouldn’t work then try to sell them on platforms that allow you sell your items like jiji and the rest.
  • Make money from tasks or things you will do anyways: This means that you can make money from doing things that you will most likely do everyday. I have always been active on social media and you will most likely see me tweeting or checking Instagram. Let me briefly share a story (Grab your popcorn and drink Lol)

I followed my sister to a boutique where she regularly buys clothes for work and not that I was going to buy, I just escorted her. While my sister was trying out a few clothes I began to give style tips on what shirt to pair with this skirt and all that without even knowing that the store owner was in her office but could hear me. The owner walks out and asks if I was a designer and I said no that I was a style blogger and the owner continued the conversation with how she needed a social media manager to handle the boutiques Instagram page and trust me I told her I was the perfect person for the job and showed her my instagram page that left her asking how much I was going to charge. I got the job and the pay is really good.

I decided to share the story to highlight that I was a constant Instagram person and imagine now that I’m getting paid to do something I love and I would definitely do. I also want to state that you don’t need to wait for the brands to approach you, If you know that you possess the skills and can do a job well then you can actually send the owner an email showing your interest in a position.  After I got this job I realized that most brand owners need efficient social media mangers for their business but don’t know how to get one so send that email or DM to show your interest.

  •  Start a Youtube/Blog/Podcast: Imagine getting paid for sharing videos or talking. I know its not easy and takes a lot of dedication and creativity but getting money isn’t also easy and you have to work hard to get it.  So if you think you have all it takes then you could start any of this and start cashing out little by little.
  • Start a business: This isn’t easy at all because I currently own a business and if you rush in trust me you will rush out spending the little profit you made.  I always encourage people to start a business on something they love doing or have an interest in and so even if it fails the first time you will be encouraged to start again. I currently sell accessories like sunglasses, earrings and other fashion items online and why I ventured into that is because I was a fan and I had close to 20 sunglasses at home, I then said why not just start something with it because its easier to sell something you can relate to and people constantly asked if I was selling because I was always in a different pair  everyday. So if you love makeup, painting and the likes develop your skills and start something on it.
  • Write an E book or be a content writer for a blog or website: If you love writing then you should think of doing this by writing articles for blogs or magazines and get paid even if it might not cost so much start from somewhere. Also you could write an e book and have people pay before they purchase the book online.
  • Get paid to have products/ services advertised: Social media has made it easy that even if you have from  1000 followers you could get DMS from brands or companies requesting to advertise on your page their products or services and get paid. We have seen so many people do this and later call themselves influencers. Don’t sit back and use social media for the wrong reasons, let’s all get this money. We all have the same access to this platform and so don’t allow the same people make money from it.

BONUS TIP: Always tell people what you do and don’t undersell yourself at any point. Almost everyone at work knows I blog and sell accessories and so many times I have  received calls or even chats from people at work requesting for sunglasses and the likes. The third job I currently have came as a result of referral from someone that told the brand owner that I was the best girl to handle her stores page and she didn’t even interview me and just proceeded to ask when I was free to start via phonecall. I’m in no way better than anyone and trust me you can do it, I’m saying you can because there’s definitely something in you. I recently became close to someone and guess what she does, She’s a face and hand model and she’s cashing out. Imagine getting paid to just have a jewelry store take pictures of the rings they have available with your hands. So don’t limit yourself and your skills. We are all going to cash out this year. Find out what you love doing and think of a way you can make money from it.


I hope this post helps you and if you have questions to ask please do in the comment section and I will be willing to answer. Thank you for the constant love on the blog and have an amazing day.

29 thoughts on “How To Have Multiple Sources Of Income In 2018

  1. Thonia Thonia Thonia!!! Smart Money Woman of Money Making Moves 😄😄 please don’t mind me ooo. I’m just loving the post. That fear of not being able to fend for myself without a paying job grips me everytime. I currently don’t work a 9-5 job but I still work for someone. I’m willing to try out affiliate marketing and eventually run my own business. Running a business no be here ooo but we’ll make it work with God by our side.
    Thanks for sharing these tips. You can only get better at it.
    Please your girl has Social Media Manager skills ooo in case you need to make a referral.
    Thanks in advance 🙏

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    1. Ebun I’m literally laughing replying this message. Thank you so much for this and for giving more ways to make money. You should also totally start the affiliate marketing and yes to starting your business. I can’t wait to see you start something. I also have you in mind when the need for a social media manager comes

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  2. I forgot to add one can also use their vocational skills to make money. We have people making money from hairdressing, wig making, nail art, jewelry and accessories designing. The list is endless.

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  3. Really nice tips, thank you for sharing! In the spirit of starting small and having multiple streams of income too, I recently started a food page on i.g , slowly growing and grateful for the followers I have so far. But do you have any tips on getting to work with brands as you mentioned that in your post

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I’m glad the post could help and one of the tips I’ll give is to be good at what you do and networking with other bloggers is very important. Reach out to them also if you’re sure you could do what they will require you to do. I should do a post on this too but I hope this few tips help

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  4. This is a really great post. I do like half of the things on the list. But I usually feel very overwhelmed and I take sometime to rest and settle.
    Also, the part where you mentioned selling yourself and talking about what you do all the time is a problem for me.
    I own an online store but it is so anonymous and I love it that way. I can always take a break and no one can question me.
    I learnt a lot from this post.
    So let me shoot my shot here! I’m a makeup artist, beauty blogger, product shot taker, Social Media enterpreneur. And in my free time, I sleep! A lot! Lol.

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    1. I’m sooo proud of you and its totally okay to rest. I learnt it the hard way last year when I got so sick from working too much. I feel regardless you should always let people know what you do and you’ll be amazed that the love and support you get from them might even be a driving force to enable you to do more. We have to make this money this year!

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  5. Insightful post. I was relcutant to click the link when I saw it on twitter. I’m glad I did. The part about “always selling one’s self ” is really true. You never know who may need your services. It’s my first time on your blog BTW.

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