Brunch At LA Brioche


Hello and welcome back to my blog…. I have always wanted to start a blog post  just like the way Youtubers introduce  their videos which by the way I intend to have my own channel but laziness and fear of who will subscribe or watch has hindered me from having one.


I visited one of the cutest breakfast, brunch and pastries shop in Lagos and I found the place through Fisayo Longe’s instagram. She hosted a Tea Party in December and when I saw her and other bloggers upload pictures of the very beautiful venue I got so pained because I got an invite but couldn’t attend because of work. So since I couldn’t go for the Tea Party, I decided to explore the venue with a few of my friends.


I have decided to review La Brioche in a more fun yet detailed way so that anyone that intends going will know what for expect. So let’s do this!!



  • Location: La brioche is located at 22B Musa Yar’ Adua street, Victoria Island Lagos.
  • Ambiance/ Decoration: La brioche is a French inspired cafe and if you want to have the feeling of being in Paris then you should visit here. It is a small space and can fit a Max of 20 people comfortably but there is an inner room that’s reserved for private events. The place is beautiful and your pictures will definitely come out so nice there.
  • Food/ Drink: I had croque madame and my friend had Le classique. I love the fact that I felt I was in Paris when I was telling the waiter my order because the names of the dishes on the menu were mostly in French. There were a few things I didn’t like about the food like the eggs didn’t taste so good and in my food there was green leaves that looked raw and I know it might be good for the body/healthy but I wasn’t comfortable eating it and I ended up not even trying it which I somehow regret now because maybe I would have liked it if I tasted it. I didn’t order any drinks because team fit fam (Laughing at myself because I plan to eat bread for breakfast today).
  • Service: The employees and waiters were friendly and we took pictures with our camera inside  without anyone disturbing us but we were approached with the regular no pictures allowed talk at the lobby. The waiting time took a little bit longer than expected.
  • Pricing: It is quite affordable for a place situated in Victoria Island. It’s advisable to go with friends so you could split the bills.



  • Overall experience and rating: I will definitely be visiting there again because it’s a really beautiful space. I will rate them 7/10.



Have you visited La brioche? What was your favorite thing about the place. Also if you haven’t visited the store do you intend to do so after this review? Kindly share your thoughts in the comment section as I love to hear from you.

Have an amazing weekend.

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