The Blazer Dress: What To Wear For A Date


Hi guys, It’s nice to have you here again and happy new month. It literally took forever for January to be over but thank God it’s over and the month of love is here (I just laughed at myself while typing month of love). I’m super excited for this post for so many reasons and one is that I got to collaborate with Tomiwa of vainblackboy who is an amazing style blogger and shout out to Bambi for the amazing pictures.


The blazer dress is one trend I have always wanted to try and when   Tomiwa and I decided on a theme of what to wear for a date I knew I was going to wear a blazer dress for the shoot and I’m excited I pulled it off judging by the massive likes and comments on instagram.



The blazer dress is one of my favorite fashion pieces and I love how they will make any look classy regardless of how you decide to wear it be it with sneakers or heels. The blazer dress gives that elegant and sexy vibe and another amazing thing about the dress is that it automatically makes you feel like a boss that has everything under control (I felt like I was Oprah during the shoot).


I chose the blazer dress over a regular dress because you will most likely see me in one for a date and I think it’s just the perfect fit especially if your date decides to show up wearing blazers or a tux.


The blazer dress can also be worn for an evening cocktail or dinner party with friends and also a meeting if the meeting is to hold at a venue that’s not too formal. I decided to pair the dress with heels and a purse and I love how Tomiwa and I coordinated with  black shoes and sunglasses.


I live for a budget friendly fashion and if you don’t intend to break the bank then you should invest in a blazer dress because it’s a versatile piece and can be styled .


If you need more details on Tomiwa’s outfit kindly check his blog Here

What are your thoughts on the blazer dress trend? Kindly drop your comments in the comment section as I will love to hear from you. Have an amazing weekend.

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Blazer dress : Thrifted

Photography: @_olubambi

Purse: Mums

Sunglasses: @shopthoniabankz on IG

Heels: Gift

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