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Life Lately: February Recap And A Few Lessons Learned.


Hello guyssssss….. Happy new month and I pray this month brings you so much happiness and love. I know I promised to be consistent on the blog this year but for some reasons I didn’t get to blog so much last month. Let’s make up for the weeks I was away on the blog shall we?!


WEARING: An asymmetric ruffles stripped shirt dress in this post. I really love the dress especially because of the fact that it can be worn in so many ways dependent of the occasion. I styled the dress with sling back shoes and a bag.

ADMIRING: Everyone that’s trying to be a better person and working so hard to get things done.

WISHING: My account was popping and I could just go on a daycation or weekend getaway to somewhere really beautiful.



EXCITED: That I was invited to attend one of the classes at social media week as an influencer. It was a great opportunity and I also learnt a lot from the speakers and I’m glad I attended.


ANTICIPATING: My trip to Abeokuta this month. I randomly entered a giveaway for a free trip to Abeokuta courtesy (tvpadventures) and I was shocked when i got a notification on my phone that I won the giveaway. I have never been to Abeokuta so I’m super hyped for this.

APPRECIATING: You for constantly checking my blog and showing me love on all my social media platforms. You guys are amazing and each time I decide to stop blogging I just think of how you have supported me so far and how I can’t let you down.


LOVING: The fact that black panther is a major hit and that I’m alive to see an all black super hero movie. I also got invited for a bloggers tasting session at sweet kiwi and I got to try our their new flavours like black panther. Yass black panther!


LISTENING TO: Ire by Adekunle Gold which has been on repeat for days now. I really love him and he’s definitely on my list for artists that’ll perform at my wedding (huge smile).


I’m super excited February is over because it was one of the most trying months of my life. I got tired of work, It looked like my business wasn’t moving , I wasn’t motivated to blog but guess what I learned, Every successful person must go through that trying phase and the most important thing is how you maintain your stand during those times and the things you do to get out of that “unhappy” place. Also it’s very important to be very close to God and pray constantly during these times because it’s only him that can save you and he listens and he definitely wants you to be happy at all times.


Attending one of the classes at social media week I realized that as bloggers and influencers we have been monitoring our growth wrongly. I learnt that the correct metrics  for measuring your performance especially on Instagram is your  reach and engagement I.e how many people like your post and reposted. Impressions doesn’t really matter as it might not be lasting. If they repost and commented then it made a lasting impressions. I also learnt that being truthful to yourself is major key and don’t jump on a certain trend because other bloggers are doing the same, stay true to yourself and watch everything work out for you.

I hope you loved this post and I’ll love to know how your February went also. Kindly drop your comments in the comment section. Have a great day.

Dress and shoes- @debrasgrace

Sungalsses: @shopthoniabankz

bag: Jumia



15 thoughts on “Life Lately: February Recap And A Few Lessons Learned.

  1. Nice one Tonia, will always leave comment when i read, i actually get motivated when i read your posts. I still need to chat you up, have a lot to tell you.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Love your overall look. from your hair to the shoes girl you on fire. i’m actually at a phase where i’m tired of my job too but i’d just take your advice and pray about it. i really wish my account is popping now o, i v a lot to do with money ryt nao 😦 it is well.


    1. Trust me babe it’s definitely not going to be easy but with prayer and hard work you’ll get to a place of great satisfaction. If you ever need to talk you can send me a DM on Instagram. I’m ask proud of you regardless of where you are right now or how you feel ❤️️ Thank you for stopping by


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