A Trip To Abeokuta; Olumo Rock, Adire Market and Hubert Ogunde Museum.


Hello guys…How’s your weekend going? Mine is going well and I’m still not over my amazing road trip to Abeokuta. I want to start this post by thanking Funmi and the entire tvpadventures team for a free getaway and for making me meet wonderful people on the trip and for the opportunity to create beautiful memories. We visited three places and to make this post more interesting I’ll share details about the places separately. Okay let’s do this!!



  • Olumo Rock: Olumo rock is a popular tourist place located in the city of Abeokuta which means “Under the rock”. The city of Abeokuta was originally inhabited by the Egba people who found refuge at the Olumo rock during the inter-tribal wars in the 19th century. The rock acted as sanctuary and was also a point to monitor the enemy’s advance. The rocks was originally without an elevator until 2006 when an elevator, water fountain and museum was built.



It is advisable to have a tour guide to take you up the rock because it is safer and you get to learn so much about the place and people who live there. We had the best tour guide because he was very fun and knowledgeable and when I got so scared at a point, he was there to encourage me to reach the top of the rock. Also, ensure you take a bottle of water incase you get dehydrated and a camera to capture all the beautiful moments.


I want to also mention that if you are scared of heights like me you might be scared and freak out that you might fall from the rock but you will be fine and when you get to the top you will appreciate God’s creation and you will also be proud of yourself for not giving up. I was informed by the tour guide that no one has ever fallen from the rock and that made me calm a little. It is a very beautiful place to visit and if you want to do something fun outside Lagos then you should visit here. It is a 45 mins-1 hour drive from Lagos.


  • Adire Market: We also visited adire market and we got there too early and didn’t get to see the whole process of the adire being made and I didn’t get to take many pictures as there wasn’t so much to be done.

IMG_1508I already know about the whole  adire making process from fine art class in secondary school so I wasn’t sad when we didn’t do much.


  • Hubert Ogunde Museum: This was the highlight of my trip and I didn’t leave the place the same person. Hubert Ogunde founded the first contemporary professional theatrical company in Nigeria. The museum is his house and I love that his family didn’t dispose all he had while he was alive rather they kept everything even to the shoes he wore. Pictures were not allowed in the museum which is sad because I couldn’t take any pictures. We also saw a documentary of some of his plays and we also saw his day to day life which was super amazing because majority of the cast in his plays were his wives and children and despite marrying almost 15 wives, they lived in peace from what we saw and he made sure all of them were knowledgeable in theater. I advise that you also visit here and you will be glad you did.


The whole trip was so much fun and shout out to the best babe Ore for being the best tour buddy and for experiencing this with me. I love you girl!


Shout out to the other amazing people on this trip, I had fun creating memories with all of you.

I definitely will be willing to explore Abeokuta again and I can’t wait to visit other beautiful places in Nigeria. I hope you enjoyed reading this post and have you visited any of the places I visited? How was it?

Thank you for stopping by and have an amazing week ahead.

10 thoughts on “A Trip To Abeokuta; Olumo Rock, Adire Market and Hubert Ogunde Museum.

    1. It is actually very fun and you should go with friends to create beautiful memories. Thank you so much for reading and when you recreate the pictures i’ll love to see and read your post ❤️️

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  1. What? Ore made this trip too? What a betrayed! The only remedy, is to take me to Olumo rock too.😒😏
    I have been to Olumo rock once in Primary school,and I have been looking forward to a repeat trip.

    Well done Thonia. Bless up!!!

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  2. And I never knew the Hubert Ogunde museum was a thing. I know of a statue of him,and hear about him from my parents. But your blog post has made me want to know more. 👍✌


    1. You should totally check it out because that was the major highlight of my trip. I’m thinking of taking my mum too some time soon because she knew him and I’m sure she will be glad to see where he lived and all


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