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Life Lately X Wara Cake


Hello Darlings, It’s so good to be back here because I love this space so much especially because I’m able to express myself without boundaries and connect with all of you. I hope the month of April has been treating you well and you are ready for the month of May. This segment on my blog is one of my fav and today’s episode will be different as I’ll also be sharing details of my collaboration with an amazing cake brand Wara Cake


  • Wearing: In this post I’m wearing a red body con dress. I remember how I was so obsessed with clingy clothes in university because of how they revealed my body shape but now I   wear more of Jeans and T shirts. I paired the dress with a black sandals.


  •  Thankful: I’m thankful for life, Good health and growth. I’m also thankful that all the hard work I have put into being a fashion and lifestyle blogger is finally paying off as I was featured by whowhatwear a USA fashion magazine and Bellanaija and trust me as a blogger this is so huge because it means that people appreciate what you are doing and love your creativity and content.


I’m so thankful that I’m being recognized in my niche and people appreciate me and my style. You can check both posts Whowhatwear and Bellanaija . Thanks to everyone that tagged and commented on both posts.

  • Admiring: Every young person that is trying to make it in life. I really admire you and I pray all your heart desires are granted and you win in life.
  • Feeling: To be honest I haven’t been so inspired to create content and I’m just living each day as it comes.  I was shocked to realize that most people are feeling this way. I have always been someone that’s always motivated and inspired to crush her goals but recently I’m just living life without so much expectations.


  • Craving: Cake! Cake!! After the amazing people from Wara Cake sent me cake, I have been craving more cake from them.


They have the best cakes and it’s also really affordable and the good thing is that you can place an order online and choose whatever design and size you want. You can order one on You can also follow them on Instagram @waracake

  • Anticipating: GTB food and drink festival because I get to see my bestfriend! It’s so funny that even within Lagos you can experience long distance relationship Lol. If you are coming please let me know in the comment section so that we get to hang out and have fun.
  • Planning: I  have something planned but I will definitely share when it’s almost finalized.
  • Wishing: I could travel to somewhere really beautiful and chill with my family and friends.
  • Listening: Drake- Nice for what because that song is lit.

I hope you enjoyed this post and I wish you an amazing day and week.

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