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Life Lately

Hello darlings, how’s your weekend going? Happy new month!!! I know it’s super late as the month is almost over but it’s my first blog post this month and I’m really sorry it’s coming late but I pray that before the end of this month, great news comes your way Amen!


I have been soooo busy all month and I asked on my Insta story what post you guys wanted and everyone chose a life Lately post because a lot has happened since my last post and so let’s do this!!!


  • Wearing: I’m wearing a cold shoulder top and leather skirt and I felt soooo beautiful and bougie in it because it’s my first time rocking anything leather and I have this idea that anyone that can pull off a look wearing leather is a fashion icon Lol.


  •  Thankful: I’m thankful for life, Good health and growth. Guess what?! I got promoted at work!!!! Yes!!! God came through as always and when I received the promotion email I was in shock because I wasn’t expecting it at all. I’m also thankful because last month I received a mail from a brand in U.K that wanted to launch in Nigeria and I was among the influencers chosen for the brand campaign. I was really excited to be on the same campaign with amazing   people and that we were able to express our style in our own way.


  • Admiring: My fellow blogger babes and guys that are putting in so much work and building their brands. I have seen a lot of them featured on bigger platforms and on paid collaboration with brands and they inspire me everyday and encourage me to work harder.
  • Feeling: It’s my birthday in 13 days and I’m excited but I’m also nervous because I’m working on something and I just pray everything works out as planned and I’m super happy that day. I’m expecting my gifts from all of you because a girl deserves gifts and all the love that day.
  • Craving: I’m currently not craving anything in particular but eating shawarma won’t be a bad idea (covers face).
  • Anticipating: All the goals and projects I intend to accomplish this year. I pray I’m able to achieve so much and more. I’m also planning on going to Ibadan and Abuja for my leave and I can’t wait to leave Lagos and the stress and have a new experience. If you’re located in the two locations and want to show me around and maybe collaborate please send me an email.
  • Planning: I  have something planned for my brand and store and I’ll share when it’s the right time.
  • Wishing: I was on vacation with my sister who is living her best life in the UK at the moment.


  • Listening: Adekunle Gold’s about 30 album and I’m amazed that my best song changed in two days. My favorite song was “down with you” and it then changed to somebody. The album is so beautiful and I listen  to it everyday. What’s your favorite song on the album?

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I’ll try not to leave this space like I did before. Have an amazing week ahead. Also don’t forget to comment your favorite song from Adekunle Gold’s album because I want to knowwww Lol.

Love you!

14 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. My favorite songs on the album are Surrender and Mama.

    Congrats on your promotion. I saw your tweet about it a while back.

    If you are to rate Gold and About 30? Which would get he higher rating?

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  2. Missed missed missed your posts so much. I’m so happy for you and happy birthday in arrears. I love somebody too and down with you used to be my fave. I think now it’s fame. I’m an Ibadan girl but I’m not there currently. You should go to agodi gardens, mauve 21 in ring road and make sure to eat amala Skye bank 😉

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    1. I missed you too boo. I’ll be sure to check those places but is it weird that I don’t like amala and I think it’s bitter Lol. Thank you for your constant love on the blog, I appreciate you always!


  3. Just found your blog and read this post and boy, you have uplifted me. You are bubbly and your attitude is great. You will succeed in whatever you do. Congrats on your promotion and Happy Birthday….

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