Lunch At Brass And Copper Restaurant Lagos (Review)


I finally went to Brass and Copper restaurant after so many months of contemplating whether to go or not. It’s one place I always wanted to go but seeing how very beautiful it looked in pictures and the “big” people that went there like Toke Makinwa, Asa Asika and co just made me come to a conclusion that their meals were going to be too expensive for me to afford.


I finally “gathered” courage and went for lunch with Tejiri because last last if it’s too pricey we will take pictures and leave LOL. Here are a few things you need to know if you want to visit Brass and Copper too;

• LOCATION: Brass and Copper is located at No 1, Olubunmi Owa street Lekki Phase 1 Lagos.



AMBIENCE/ DECORATION:  If you’re a lover of good aesthetics then you should visit because you won’t be disappointed. The owners incorporated brass and copper into the decoration from the Lights, art frames, salt and pepper shakes, AC, tables etc. I really loved the ambience and it just felt like I was dining “In the Abroad”.



FOOD/DRINK: For the first time in a very long time eating anywhere that’s not home, I really loved the food. I ate the SMOKE HOUSE DELIGHT which is basically Nigerian style jollof rice with yummy smoked fish stew and you can ask for a side of fried plantain which I did. Tejiri ate JACKY RICE AND GOAT STEW. I also enjoyed the Tutti-frutti which was served in this parrot like cup which made me really excited and I wanted to be a child again Lol.


SERVICE: The employees and waiters were friendly and we took pictures with our camera inside without anyone disturbing us and they even encouraged us to tag them when we post the pictures which rarely happens in Lagos restaurants. They delayed in serving our food but we were not bothered because we were most concerned about getting pictures for Instagram.




PRICING: It is quite affordable for a place situated in Lekki. It’s also advisable to go with friends so that you can order a variety of  food and drinks and also split the bill. My food and drink cost N6000.


VERDICT: I’ll give them 8/10 and I definitely will visit again and explore the night life there because I heard it’s more beautiful and chilled at night.

Do you intend visiting Brass and Copper soon? Did you enjoy reading this post and love to see more restaurant review? Let me know in the comment section as you know that I love hearing from you.

Have a great weekend.

17 thoughts on “Lunch At Brass And Copper Restaurant Lagos (Review)

      1. So much details in one post….thanks for the information would definitely visit with my sister…you were looking good by the way


  1. Thank God I’m in Lahos ATM… I had to concentrate mainly on the menu to see if my pocket agrees… Would visit this evening since you pointed out that its better in the evenings

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  2. Thanks for this terrific review. Since I was planning to visit there soon with friends, I just googled to see if I would get any shared experience(s) from folks who visited previously. This is really more than I expected. Now, I am really anticipating visiting. I think with what I have read here, I should be able to go with a few friends and start talking about the menu like I have been there thrice. 😂. Thanks to you. Subscribed to your blog and looking forward to more recommendations in the future.


    1. This comment just made me happy. Thank you so much and I’m glad you loved the review and welcome to the Thonia Bankz family and we hope you don’t ever leave lol ❤️


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