Lunch At House Cafe Lagos (Review)


Hello guys, it’s good to have you back here and how is your week going?. I visited house cafe some days ago with my fellow foodie Tej and it’s one place that has been on my list of places to visit for months now and I’m glad I finally visited because the place is very beautiful and the food tasted really really good.


I love you so much (I hope you know that) and I’ll really want you to also visit and so  here are a few things to know if you want to visit House cafe too;


  • Location: House cafe is located at Number 12, Victoria Arobieke street, Lekki phase 1.





  • Ambience/ Decoration: House cafe is a very beautiful and well designed spot that has a coffee bar, a pizzeria and restaurant in the same building. The aesthetics is also top notch and  the owners incorporated the Egyptian vibe in the decoration because there were a few statues hanging inside and outside the restaurant. It is also very cozy like you’re in your house ( I lowkey think that’s why it’s called house cafe). I loved the ambience and if you’re a cool kid like me that loves a beautiful space for pictures then you should visit here.


IMG_8969 IMG_8963


  • Food/Drink: I ate the best steak ever and I haven’t stopped telling everyone close to me how they need to order steak when they visit. I ordered the House cafe T-bone which is served with steamed rice or chips but I chose chips because there’s rice at home (LOL) and Tej ordered classic House cafe beef burger which she also confirmed tasted really good. I drank Berry fizz and Tej had Elixir.
  • Service: The manager and waiters were friendly and took their time to answer questions we had with the menu and other things. A waiter also assisted with taking pictures. The wait time after ordering didn’t take too long and nobody restricted us from taking pictures which is a really good thing compared to most restaurants in Lagos that restrict where you can take pictures.






  • Pricing: It is quite affordable for a place situated in Lekki phase 1 and  It’s advisable to go with friends so you could split the bills and try different food from the menu.


  • Verdict: I’ll rate them 8/10 and I’ll definitely visit again and try out more dishes off the menu and order pizza from the pizzeria.

Do you intend to visit House cafe soon? Did you enjoy reading this post and love to see more restaurant reviews? Let me know in the comment section as you know I love hearing from you.

Have a wonderful week ahead.

12 thoughts on “Lunch At House Cafe Lagos (Review)

  1. Housecafe looks crazy cool. i’m not sure i can afford their meals yet, maybe go with two other friends sha lol. I love food reviews cos im such a food junkie. Nice post girl.


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