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How To Crush All Your Goals And Secure The Bags In 2019

Happyyy New Year!!!!!! I know it’s the 5th day of January already but I’m really excited to be back on the blog and to dish out major life tips. I bet it’s obvious I struggled with the blog title but I had to be realistic because we are going to “secure the bagzzzz in 2019”.


I was inspired to put up this post after I had a conversation with a friend two days ago and I was like “What’s the plan for the new year? What are your goals  and a lot of other questions”. I noticed she was already feeling some type of way with my questions and I asked her why she wasn’t excited about listing her goals and she’s like “Thonia I don’t have any goals or plan, I’m just going to live each day as it comes because I really don’t know how to go about setting goals and all that”. To be honest I could relate because years back I really didn’t have any direction as to where I wanted my life or year to go and that’s why I’ve decided to help anyone that’s struggling too because you need to be intentional about your goals and plans if you really want to secure the bags in 2019.


My goals for 2019 are divided into 8 major areas and they are;

  • Financial goals: It is very important to have a financial plan for the year. How much do you intend to have weekly or monthly in your bank account? How much will you need to take that vacation or buy that laptop? How much do you intend to save this year? How do you intend to get more money this year?. You should figure all this out and work towards it. If you intend to save you can make more enquiries about piggy bank or other investment plans with your bank. If you’re relying solely on your 9-5 which is not advisable you have to think of ways you can get side jobs or start your business. So get started and figure out how to sort your finances this year. Also, it is very important to get a journal or note pad to write this goals and check maybe monthly to see if you’re on the right track.
  • Career goals: What steps are you taking to secure a new job? What type of job do you want? Have you forwarded your CV to companies you really want to work for? Are you even applying for new jobs? If you intend to be a fashion designer then have you sorted out the school you want to attend or classes you need to take to be one? You should have a career goal and know what’s expected of you to make it a reality.
  • Business goals: This is very important for business owners or for people that intend to start businesses this year. If you already have a business then you should find out major mistakes you made last year and work on it and if you intend to start a business then you should find out what it takes to start the business, your target market and other very important things before you start. I made a lot of mistakes last year that led me to close my business for months which I regret now but I can’t wait to be back and better.
  • Spiritual goals: If you need to work on your relationship with God then you need to state specifically what steps you’ll be taking this year to be better. Do you want to attend service more or read your bible more this year? State it in your spiritual goals and you’re good to go.
  • Relationship goals: What I personally did this year when drafting my relationship goals is that I didn’t state what I wanted in a partner like I usually do but instead I listed out mistakes I’ve made in my past relationships and ways to improve as a person because maybe I’ve truly not found the right person because I have not realized my mistakes and worked on myself. So you can try this method and hopefully it works for you as much as I hope it works for me too.
  • Health goals: Do you want to lose weight or add weight this year? Do you want to eat healthy this year? This should be included in your health goals and remember you have to work towards it because it doesn’t end by just writing it down.
  • Family goals: I created a family goal because you’ll be shocked when you realize you’re in an unhealthy relationship with your family and you have been doing certain things in the wrong way. So think deep about your relationship with your mum, dad, siblings and distant relations and do the needful.
  •  Friendship goals: Who are your friends? Are they genuine friends or toxic friends? You should know who you call your friend this year and evaluate each of your friendships and know who you’re keeping.

For my readers still in school or have plans to further their education then you should have an educational goal that entails how you’ll do better at school and get better grades.

I hope this blog post helps everyone have a clear vision of what they want the new year to be like and I wish you an amazing 2019 filled with so much love, happiness, peace of mind and that all your heart desires are granted.

I can’t wait to be consistent this year on the blog and if you loved this post or have questions or contributions, please drop it in the comment section as you know I always love to hear from you.


Love Thonia.

14 thoughts on “How To Crush All Your Goals And Secure The Bags In 2019

  1. Thanks a lot for d tips and keep it up. And God crown our efforts and bless d works of our hands ijn,Amen 🙏


  2. Great! These are the goal lists I’d be working with this year. It’s actually my first time penning my plans for the year. It is amazing to have a plan. Keeps one on the go! 👏


  3. Girl we’re gonna secure the bags this year! I wrote down my plan for the year ad tbh I’ve flunked some of em but will that stop me? Hella No!! Looking forward to collabs this year and making better relationships.


  4. Truth is, everyone actually has goals. Unconsciously, you program how you need to wake up early, how you need to buy your almost exhausted cosmetics, the need to spend less because you have already spent too much.. and the list goes on. But the rivetting truth in this post, is the fact that we must have it clearly stated down. And that’s where a lot miss it and I do too. Sigh. But this is a wake up call. Life is intentional and if I can, I would read this amazing post everyday till I see my own plans and goals change, or at least, improve. Very well done.


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