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How To Wear A Dress With Sneakers


Hello fam bam, It’s good to have you back here  and thank you for your constant love and support. It’s been long I’ve put up a style post on the blog and so I decided to finally put up one today and I’m excited about it because I’m a sneakers lover and would literally wear sneakers with anything and it will still bang (Lol).


Sneakers go with anything and there’s no denying that they are way more comfortable than heels and I personally will choose sneakers over heels. Pairing sneakers with a dress is one trend you should try because it  will go with every dress you own be it a silky dress, wrap dress or even a pleated long dress.


If this is a trend you are looking to try or you just need to give your feet some breathing space but still want to look cute, here are some tips on how to wear dresses & sneakers:

  • It is advisable to pair sneakers with the right dress for your body. Heels add length to your legs so when opting for sneakers you are not going to get that extra lift and that is why you need to choose the perfect dress for your body type.
  • A dress looks great paired with sneakers when it seems effortless. So pair sneakers with light weight dresses and nothing too heavy, dramatic or serious for that perfect look.
  • Make sure you are pairing it with the right type of sneakers. There are sneakers that are just meant for the gym or sneakers that go perfectly with only jeans and so I advise you choose the right sneakers when pairing a dress.
  • White sneakers go with almost all the dresses you own and so I advise you buy a pair of white sneakers before you go ahead and buy other colors.
  • Comfort is very important to me when it comes to fashion and pairing dresses with sneakers so make sure you choose a comfortable dress and be sure that your sneakers is not too tight too.


In this post I paired a pair of white sneakers with a dress that most people on Instagram thought was a top and skirt for reasons I still don’t know because to me it looks like a dress. It was kind of tricky wearing sneakers with this dress because of the length of the dress and especially because the down of the dress is pleated but remember what they say about fashion, there are no rules and just keep doing you.

I hope you loved reading this post and if you have more tips on how to style sneakers with a dress or questions be sure to leave it in the comment section because you know I love to always hear from you.

Have a beautiful week.




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