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Life Lately


It’s finally summer and I’m team summer money over summer body because my summer body definitely didn’t load this year again LOL. I haven’t posted here for so many reasons you will find out on this post and so lets do this!!

  • Thankful: I‘m thankful for so many many things. A lot has happened this year and I’ve had my highs and lows but I’m definitely thankful for my new job. Yess your girl got a new job in April and although it has been stressful learning new things because it’s a tech venture capital firm and I have zero experience in that area but I’m thankful for the whole experience and the fact that I’m currently doing what I love and I also get to work from home sometimes which is a huge blessing especially when you live and work in Lagos. So I really can’t relate to Lagos traffic sometimes because your girl is probably cuddled up on her laptop working hehe.
  • Planning: I have been planning something really fun towards the end of the year for my fellow foodies and I want to host it when all my IJGB babes and boos are back so let’s just say something fun will happen maybe November/ December by God’s grace.
  • Admiring: I’m handling a project at work currently where I interview founders and co-founders of companies in Nigeria and I have first hand listened to them talk about their struggle and the reason they started their businesses and how they’ve grown their businesses to what it is right now. I know the struggle of owning a business in Nigeria and for them to do this despite the struggle is massive goals for me. So basically I respect and admire  all entrepreneurs doing their thing right now.


  • Trend I love: It’s not a new trend but I’m a huge fan of the shirt dress. I love how chic it is and the fact that you can pair it will slippers, heels, sneakers is a big yes for me. The amazing people at stylentiti sent me this beautiful shirt dress and if you love the dress you should reach out to them and mention you’re from me for some discount.
  • Feeling: I won’t say I’m the happiest girl in the world but I’m also not sad. So let’s say I’m good or if there’s a word that describes how I feel. Some days I’m definitely very very happy and some days I’m like okay. So right now I’m good.
  • Wishing: Wishing I’m currently on vacation living my best life but my bills won’t sort themselves out so a girl has to work. I pray I travel before the end of this year so fingers crossed.


  • Listening: I’m obsessed with Joeboy’s Baby and to be honest it won’t be a bad idea to be in a relationship because of this song and have someone’s son sing it to me everyday. I love love the song.

I hope you enjoyed reading this post and I promise I won’t be away for too long. I’ll be back with a style post next.

What are your plans for summer? Please share your comments in the comment section as I love to hear from you.


13 thoughts on “Life Lately

  1. I absolutely enjoyed reading this. Missed you big time. Congrats on the new job, can’t wait for what you are planning I’m defo going to be attending. Cheers to summer money over summer body. Btw, I’m super into shirt dresses too, they’re so chic


  2. “baby you the baddest, step on the dance floor and show your madness” Joeboy got me on that one. Could serenade any Sheila with that mad tune. If your post was a song, it would be a banger. See you sizzling in that shirt dress! Have fun b. Bigger things popping soon


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