Indian Restaurant In Lagos: Lunch At Rangla Punjab

Hello family, it’s good to have you back here after a very long time (a story for another day). How did your week go and hope you’re ready to turn up this weekend!!!


I have always wondered what Indian food tastes like and when I heard about a new Indian restaurant in Lagos I knew I had to go there. I visited Rangla Punjab restaurant some days ago with my blogger friend Freddy and I had the best time. 


If you love Indian food or will love to try it out, here are a few things to know if you want to visit Rangla Punjab restaurant;


  • Location: Rangla Punjab is located at 49 Adeola Odeku, Victoria Island Lagos.



  • Ambience/ Decoration: Rangla Punjab is so beautiful and the aesthetics and decorations made me feel like I was in India (well from watching Indian movies).    The space had different areas to sit and eat and there’s also an indoor bar. I loved the ambience and if you’re a cool kid like me that loves a beautiful space for pictures then you should visit here.


  • Food/Drink: I had Bhatti Ka Murg Pindwala for starter, fish Tawa Masala and Naan (butter and garlic) for my main course and Indian wife for my drink. I won’t lie I’m somehow picky when it comes to food but this tasted sooo good. The spices were on point and the Naan was so so good (I still dream about the Naan). 



  • Service: The staff and waiters were friendly and took their time to answer questions we had with the menu and other things. A waiter also assisted with writing down what we ordered on a sheet of paper because I told him I was going to review on my blog. The wait time after ordering didn’t take too long and nobody restricted us from taking pictures which is a really good thing compared to most restaurants in Lagos that restrict where you can take pictures.
  • Pricing: I’ll say it’s affordable especially for a restaurant in V.I and for the quality of food they’re offering. The Bhatti Ka Murg Pindwala cost N3,000. The fish Tawa Masala cost N3,000 and Naan (butter and garlic) N550 each. The Indian wife drink cost N1,500. It’s advisable to go with friends so you could split the bills and try different food from the menu.



  • Verdict: I’ll rate them 8/10 and I’ll definitely visit again and try out more dishes off the menu.


Do you intend to visit Rangla Punjab Restaurant soon? Did you enjoy reading this post and love to see more restaurant reviews? Let me know in the comment section as you know I love hearing from you.

Have a wonderful weekend ahead.

10 thoughts on “Indian Restaurant In Lagos: Lunch At Rangla Punjab

  1. Thonia I’ve missed reading for you, stop running away na 😩 I recently just heard about this restaurant from Sisi yemmie and she was equally singing their praise too. I have to try it out. Thanks for sharing


  2. This made my day already. Thank you bringing back the Restaurant reviews and I’m adding this place to my list of restaurants to visit because I do have an Indian experience that I have been wanting to relive and the space looks perfect. Thanks boo!❤


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