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How To Stay Sane During The COVID-19 Pandemic Lockdown


Hi my darling, how are you and how have you been?. I know I have been away from here for so long but like they say “I’m back like I never left”.

I know 2020 hasn’t been going as planned for so many of us because personally, I had “mad” plans for this year; my birthday trip in July, Cape-Verde with my friends in October, explore more restaurants and fancy places in Lagos and other big plans.

When the lockdown started, I wasn’t motivated to do anything especially as a creative because I felt it will be really insensitive to push out content.

This continued until one day I received an email from an international brand for a paid collaboration. I think what shocked me the most was the fact that this brand was “working” despite being a big company and they were trying to get things done for themselves and creating even more publicity during this lockdown unlike me that was doing nothing.

I grabbed my journal and pen because I knew I couldn’t continue this way and drafted a plan and To-do’s for myself and that was the game-changer for me.

Here are a few tips that have helped me so far during the lockdown;

  • Block the noise: This is the first thing you want to do if you really want to stay sane. Blocking the noise means avoiding/ muting people or channels that constantly share and update the statistics of people that have the virus or that have died. It’s fine if you want to know what’s happening but I’ll advise you to do it at your own free will and not that you’ll check your WhatsApp messages or Twitter and that’s the first thing you’ll see. I had friends that shared BC’s with updates and I politely told them to not send it to me because it was a trigger and they apologized and stopped sending me stuff like that.
  • Have a daily To-do list: It is very important to plan your day so that you end up getting so busy and then you realize that at the end of the day that you didn’t achieve anything. I currently use an app called “Todoist” and it has been super helpful.
  • Create content: I already mentioned that the collaboration was one of the things that made me snap out of my mood because in the process of creating content for the brand I realized I was happy again. I’m a content creator and making videos, going through the whole creative process is my thing and I love it. So I’ll advise that even if you don’t want to create “serious” content, download TikTok and Thriller and create cute content, learn some dance steps, have fun and do your thing.


  • Focus on other things: Do things that actively distract you. I was gifted a plant and the process of nuturing it has made me excited. I got so excited and even name the plant “Cleo” so say hi to Cleo everyone. Do things that’ll distract you like decorating/ reorganizing your space, baking, reading books, sewing etc.
  •  Do what makes you happy: If I made money every time I saw “now is the time to get that skill or complete that online course” on Instagram and Twitter, I would most definitely be a millionaire right now. I’m not saying you shouldn’t register for that course or get that skill but do it at your own pace and free will and if all you want to do is watch Netflix and YouTube videos that’s okay too.
  • YouVersion Bible App: I’m a Christian and praying, reading the word of God and making sure my faith is solid is a big one for me. YouVersion app has also made it really amazing with the daily story feature that daily reassures me of God’s love for me and I’ll advise you download the app if you’re a Christian that’s struggling with your faith with all that’s happening right now.
  • Host a Friday game night with family and friends: You still can have fun inside via Zoom and House-party app. Plan games night or even see a movie with your friends on Netflix. I have done both(attended a zoom party and played games with friends on house party) and I can tell you that it’s really fun and it made me so happy.
  • Stay fit and healthy: I’m a lazy person especially when it comes to exercising but I try to do some squats and jumps in my room. I’m also currently on lockdown with my mom so you sure know that she’s loading me with healthy food. If you can take a walk please do and try to eat fruits and veggies.

I really hope this helps you feel better and if you have any questions please share in the comment section as I always love to hear from you.

Have an amazing weekend ahead and don’t forget to stay safe.


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