Life matters

Life Lately: February Recap And A Few Lessons Learned.

Hello guyssssss..... Happy new month and I pray this month brings you so much happiness and love. I know I promised to be consistent on the blog this year but for some reasons I didn't get to blog so much last month. Let's make up for the weeks I was away on the blog shall… Continue reading Life Lately: February Recap And A Few Lessons Learned.

Life matters

Hello 2018: Life Lately

Hello darlings.... I can't believe I have been away from the blog for like a month, I got involved in so many projects, got more jobs and blogging became hard. I'm sorry for leaving this space and I'm super excited because this year we are going to do more collaborations, More inspiring posts and reviews.… Continue reading Hello 2018: Life Lately


10 Tips For Effective Networking At Events

Hello darlings...How have you been and I hope your week is going great?! I'm so glad I finally get to talk about how to network at events on the blog because it's major key and it has helped me form solid friendships and seal deals in both blogging and my business. As a blogger or… Continue reading 10 Tips For Effective Networking At Events


Dee Mako’s Lagos BloggerBrunch

Dee probably knows I'm totally in love with her style, blog and ermm let's say her too and, I remember when she asked a question at the brunch  with regards to 2016 fashion trends and I answered correctly and in her words "Ahh! You know me more than myself" lol maybe girl! I was so… Continue reading Dee Mako’s Lagos BloggerBrunch