How To Style Ankara Off-Shoulder Top

Hello Darlingsss! How are you doing? Hope your week was great? My week was good and I'm excited for the weekend because I need to sleep. What's with me and sleep sef (covers face). We all know Nigeria our beloved country hasn't been in the perfect condition for so many months. The prices  of goods and… Continue reading How To Style Ankara Off-Shoulder Top


Minimal Fashion X NappyHaired

Hello my darlings, How have you been and how was your week? My week was good except for the fact that my ear piece was stolen/ lost at the lunch room at work yesterday. Who else feels heartbroken when they lost their ear piece? I always feel like a part of me has been snatched… Continue reading Minimal Fashion X NappyHaired


Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2016

Hello Darlings, Happy new month!! Its officially my birth month and I'm so happy because this year has been so great and God keeps showing me love and I can't be grateful enough.  I finally attended a fashion show and now I can proudly tick that off my bucket list. The awesome thing about attending the… Continue reading Africa Fashion Week Nigeria 2016