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How To Crush All Your Goals And Secure The Bags In 2019

Happyyy New Year!!!!!! I know it’s the 5th day of January already but I’m really excited to be back on the blog and to dish out major life tips. I bet it’s obvious I struggled with the blog title but I had to be realistic because we are going to “secure the bagzzzz in 2019”.… Continue reading How To Crush All Your Goals And Secure The Bags In 2019

Life matters

Hello 2018: Life Lately

Hello darlings.... I can't believe I have been away from the blog for like a month, I got involved in so many projects, got more jobs and blogging became hard. I'm sorry for leaving this space and I'm super excited because this year we are going to do more collaborations, More inspiring posts and reviews.… Continue reading Hello 2018: Life Lately


No Excuses! The power of self-discipline

Hey Darlings, how are you doing? I bet you're doing great. I've been good but been sooo busy with a lot of things that are time consuming but I'm glad it's all turning out great.  This is the first time I'm going to review a book on the  blog and i don't know why, i… Continue reading No Excuses! The power of self-discipline

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Genuine Happiness: Are You Really Happy?

Hello Darlings....Happy new month, Mehn 2016 is quite fast and I don't know if I'm excited about it or worried because I've not met most of my goals for the year but I'm  still hoping I meet all of it. The month of March came with excitement and happiness and I'm really suprised because it's… Continue reading Genuine Happiness: Are You Really Happy?

Thonia's Thought

Accepting And Dealing With Insecurities.

Hello my Darlings...How did Valentine's day go? Please don't tell me it was boring or you just stayed at home doing nothing. Well, Mine was fine because I spent the day making myself happy and I did a lot of reading and Sleeping. Ermm Maybe next year there would  be a Bae Lol. So I've… Continue reading Accepting And Dealing With Insecurities.