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How To Style Khaki High-Waisted Trouser

Hello Darlings... How's your weekend going? My weekend has been going well but I had a very depressing week. I was down with Apollo through the week and trust me it's one of the worst thing that can happen to anyone. The watery eyes, itching and so many other uncomfortable things. As we all know the economy… Continue reading How To Style Khaki High-Waisted Trouser


Titi Belo X Thonia

Hello Darlings. How was your week? Hope it wasn't stressful and hope you're fully ready for the new week. I'm so excited for this post because Oh well! Who wouldn't be excited wearing an outfit from an amazing designer like Titi Belo. I won the outfit from the bloggers brunch I attended last year and… Continue reading Titi Belo X Thonia