Lunch At House Cafe Lagos (Review)

Hello guys, it's good to have you back here and how is your week going?. I visited house cafe some days ago with my fellow foodie Tej and it's one place that has been on my list of places to visit for months now and I'm glad I finally visited because the place is very… Continue reading Lunch At House Cafe Lagos (Review)


Brunch At LA Brioche

Hello and welcome back to my blog.... I have always wanted to start a blog post  just like the way Youtubers introduce  their videos which by the way I intend to have my own channel but laziness and fear of who will subscribe or watch has hindered me from having one. I visited one of… Continue reading Brunch At LA Brioche


A Day At Cafe Neo

Hello Darlings, How's the new month going? It has been going on well but sometimes I get this feeling that I've actually not achieved all that I planned  at the beginning of the year but in all I'm grateful to God for everything! I've heard about cafe Neo from some of my friends but I've never  planned… Continue reading A Day At Cafe Neo